How Was Free Soul Designs Born?

08 April 2016
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How Was Free Soul Designs Born?

When asked why I started this company, I thought it would be a good idea to really sit down and explain where I'm coming from, because I feel like my story may help others in their journey through motherhood and life.....

Why did I start this company? To put it simply, I want to help people in any way that I can.
To elaborate on that a bit, I will start with empowerment. I feel it is important for mothers to feel strong, as they are in fact raising the next generation of leaders, dreamers, and doers. When a woman feels strong, capable, beautiful, NOTHING can hold her back. Part of my soul's mission is to assist women with uncovering the strength they already have. How I discovered this was through my own experiences as a mother. When my first child was born 5 1/2 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing with anything. I had a scheduled c-section because they thought he was going to be too big. (He was ended up being 7lbs. 15oz.) I only breastfed him for 5 weeks because I knew of zero resources and FB wasn't as big of a thing as it is now. No one around me breastfed. I was so sad our journey ended early. Then 12 months later, my daughter was born. Repeat c/s because they said it was too soon to have a VBAC, and our nursing journey was even shorter, only a week. My nipples bled, they hurt so bad, I cried in pain every time I nursed her. Again, I didn't know of resources, and also didn't really and truly understand how important and special nursing was. So by the time my 3rd child was born, I refused to be cut open again just because it was easier for the doctor. I refused to be bullied into anything I didn't want for this birth and my baby. I stood up for myself like I never had before. I had a successful VBA2C in July of 2014. It was the most healing birth experience ever. I had transformed and grown as a mother and a person.

I was determined to breastfeed, no one could tell me differently. This time, I was armed with knowledge and support. She had an upper lip tie and still has a posterior tongue tie. We got the lip tie lasered so she could stay latched. I have gone through 6 bouts of mastitis, countless clogged ducts, etc. But through all of that, I realized my strength. I realized if I set my mind to something, my body will follow. And now, I advocate for women to have a voice in their births and their nursing relationships. Because they are THEIRS and theirs alone. I learned from experience that when you find your voice and speak up, people will listen. I was empowered with my 3rd child's life, the entire experience has been such a blessing to me. We are now 18 months in with no end in sight and I couldn't be more proud of the both of us.

It is hard to be a woman, let alone a mom in this day and age. You have the media and society telling you no matter what you do, you're doing it wrong. Second guess yourself. Look to see what the next person is doing. But the answer to mothering, lies within YOU. It always has, and always will. I want to convey the message to women that when they listen to their intuition, that gut feeling, that breastfeeding and being a mom in general will come easier to them. When you feed your baby and you're proud of it, you will be successful at it. When you babywear and you're proud to do so, you'll be successful at it. Why? Because when you're proud of something, the universe seems to surround you with like-minded people. And with like-minded people comes wisdom, trial and error, real-life experience, etc. I am living this dream to it's fullest potential because I simply want women to feel good about themselves. I want them to feel confident, strong, beautiful, why? BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT! Each and every woman out there who has grown, housed, and birthed a baby, YOU DESERVE recognition. You deserve a pat on the back, because as moms no one will tell us, "You did a great job feeding/sustaining a human from your own body today. You did awesome at keeping a human alive and raising them to be the best version of themselves." No one says that and as mothers we don't expect it either. But it's NICE to hear. It's nice to FEEL that you are appreciated. And with my designs, I want women to FEEL that.

This amazing journey that I'm on, it's like we're ALL on the same journey. We all want what is best for our kids. I want my 3 kids to know that when you have good intentions and you follow your heart, you can truly do anything you want. I want to raise children that learn from my actions of contributing to society and the world, because kids learn by watching what their parents do. We all want to feed our babies in peace, and we all want to come together and keep the natural parenting movement strong.

Shirts are very powerful in taking a stance for what we believe in. So if having a t-shirt business means that I get to unveil the talent of an artist worldwide by sending a powerful message in the form of a shirt design, or even if I get to donate to an amazing women's shelter that helps women get back on their feet and escape hardships, then I am a happy person and am doing my job. I am honored that people are feeling a sense of community with this company watching it grow from nothing into something. These designs speak to people because they come from my soul. Each piece of art I commission an artist to draw has stemmed from a vision within me. I specifically choose an artist personally to bring my vision to life for a particular reason. Every single design, down to the name, has a special meaning to me. I am elated when people take the time out of their busy day to stop what they are doing, snap a picture wearing their shirt and send it my way. I am excited when I see other businesses inspired to donate to the cause of their choice because in the grand scheme of things, that is making the world a better place. I am humbled when I get messages from fellow breastfeeding, pumping, and babywearing moms who tell me the shirt they are wearing has helped them feel like the strong, amazing badass they always were. That is what this company is all about, always has been, always will be. I want mamas to be free in their parenting choices, be free in life, and just set their souls free. Let go of the earthly societal pressures of "be this or be that...." just BE YOU AND BE FREE. I am so blessed to be able to help people in SO many different ways, inspire other breastfeeding and babywearing mamas, all while they inspire me too. <3

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