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The basis of this company is empowering women. Our company stands strong in helping people. Not only are our designs made by strong women, our shirts are screen printed by strong women, too. Empowerment goes a long way, and that's why we donate 15% of all profits made to the battered women's shelter, Mutual Ground, Inc. in Aurora, IL. This shelter is making strides to have a safe place for women who want to break the cycle of domestic violence and sexual abuse. When women are given resources that they may not have previously had, amazing things WILL happen.
We want to expose freelance artists for their amazing work, while giving you wearable art. As you can see with our designs, the theme here is strength, empowerment, and confidence. Artists' names are listed on the design they made. Not one design is the same, because most of our designs have been drawn by hand. How COOL is that?!?! 
To learn more about how Free Soul Designs was born, please read our story here.
Why did we choose the sugar skull as our logo? The owner, Peggy Bernar, grew up in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. Growing up seeing these beautiful displays of culture really spoke to her soul. Appreciating the Hispanic culture and paying homage to what she grew up around, she felt it was not only a great compliment to the Hispanic community as a whole, but also a chance to educate about the subject. Sugar Skulls, as you may or may not know, are originated from the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, or, Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead originated from the Aztecs who kept skulls as trophies and displayed them during this ritual. The premise behind the skull was that death was a continuation of life, that they symbolized death AND rebirth. The Aztecs believed that life was just a dream, and only when you died, were you fully awake. The Day of the Dead is now celebrated in many ways. Some people create altars in their homes, line it with marigolds, pictures of the deceased, their favorite foods, sweet bread, etc. Others visit the cemetery and decorate their loved ones' headstones, have picnics there, etc. Many festivals happen, with people painted as Calaveras, vibrantly colored clothing, to name a few. This beautiful and sacred practice of honoring your loved ones who have passed while celebrating them, is very deep, and in having this sugar skull created especially for our company, meant the WORLD to us. It represents a lot: childhood memories, love, appreciation of a rich history and beautiful culture, remembrance of loved ones who have passed, and so many other things. Free Soul Designs not only appreciates this beautiful culture, but also wants to celebrate it. We want to help YOU celebrate it, and celebrate the ones you love that are no longer earth side.
Each time you buy one of our shirts, you are supporting not only a small business, but also freelance artists, and an amazing cause.
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